fog covered mountain range SaaS and Tech Leaders Venture Investors Register Here Meaningful discussions with leaders on how to build a great company. May 13, 2021 10AM CDT Company presentations to a national network of investors; including audience engagement through polling. Building Great Companies Together
TechRising’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build better companies and to match them with growth capital partners.
Atlas Digital Partners in association with Starlight Capital is pleased to invite you TechRising. This unique event brings together tech leaders from with investors from across the country.  The first portions of this event will showcase SaaS companies and leaders who will share their war stories and lessons learned.
The second portion will feature several companies pitching to investors.
Starlight has an extensive network of investors and has hosted these types of events for over 20 years. Atlas is dedicated to helping business leaders create shareholder value.
While this first event will be in a Zoom setting, we believe that building great companies is a relational effort. We look forward to getting together with y’all soon.

Event Agenda

SaaS and Tech Leaders Forum

Welcome and Introductions

Growing a Successful Venture Eco System

  • Joshua Jones
  • Neill Wright

Developing High Growth Company Leaders

  • Marcia Nuffer

Why Can’t I Attract Investment Capital

  • Cecil Bostany
  • Chris Weingartner
  • Jim Pickle

Sponsor Appreciation

Company Presentations

Welcome – Ground Rules – Input

Summary – How to Stay Connected  

Mentors + Speakers

Joshua Jones

Marcia Nuffer

Cecil Bostany

Michael Connolly

Chris Weingartner

Bryan Emerson

Add your profile by registering and filling out the look book form. Click photo to see LinkedIn Profile.​

TechRising Look Book

Mikayla O'Reggio

Leverett Powell

Joshua Sodaitis

Chris Weingartner

Gary Turner

Sue Spencer

Beatrice Ongaji

Rebecca Dobrinski

Edikan Moses

Mikayla O'Reggio

Alex Seguin

Joshua Sodaitis

Laurel Mills

Gary Turner

Jonathan Gubin

Rachel Obenshain

Erik Britt-Webb

Will Wright

Alejandra Varela

Delphine Carter

João Zanine

Presenting  Companies

MobiCard is a Digital Business Card company that allows individuals to share their contact information to anyone.

Doctors Linq is a product suite designed for the safety of doctors working in hospitals.

The Fastest Way to Move Data To, From, and Within the Cloud. Now Cloud Data Transfers are Scalable and On Demand. Move Any Type of File, of Any Size, Anywhere in the World at Ultra High Speed

Aim Technology Solutions helps people master machine learning to help them optimize their AI efforts.

Featured Startup Companies

Arbitrator Intelligence provides parties with unique, highly valuable data and analytics to enable them to make informed arbitrator selection and case strategy decisions.

Posh Fancy!  It’s a world of fanciful, feminine and carefully curated creations. We design. We work with our partners to produce our goods in a carbon neutral footprint. And we offer exciting creations at an affordable price.

Own Your Government (OYG) provides a mobile app and SaaS platform to communities. Resources available through the platform can be used by citizens to improve personal economic effectiveness, guide government decisions, engage in collective action and take legal action to address community needs

Varsgen offers a set of products that detect and prevent Card Not Present fraud; while keeping you connected to your customers.

Thank you to our featured entrepreneurial companies.




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